Travel options along Amalfi coast in October

Hi! I am planning for my trip to Amalfi Coast from 6 to 9 Oct this year. I am staying in Amalfi and arriving in Sorrento from Naples on the first day. I’ve been looking through multiple websites (including the SITA website itself) and it appears that the SITA bus will only operate till Sept this year? Does this mean that my only option to travel along Amalfi Coast is via the ferry? If so, would any of you recommend purchasing the ferry tickets in advance? Thank you in advance for any suggestion!

SITA buses run all year long. The September mention is the period until which the current timetable is valid. In September a new timetable will be posted for the ‘autumn’ period.

About the ferry option, most run until the end of October, so it’s still a viable option. If your travel plans are set, you can purchase them online in advance because in case of bad weather you can get the ticket refunded either way.

I see! Thank you so much for your advice!