Valle delle Ferriere


I’m looking to fill our Amalfi Coast holiday with various day-trips and have come across Valle delle Ferriere hike. I understand it starts in Amalfi and it’s impossible to miss the starting point and should give us a few hours of relaxation in the nature.

Are there any insider tips we might need to know in advance?

You’re right that you can’t miss it. The path starts right from the Paper Museum in Amalfi. There should be some signs there as far as I can remember. Getting there it’s just as easy as all you have to do is follow the “main street” in Amalfi.

I’m not up to date with regards to access in the protected area for 2019 though. Perhaps @amalfilophile can chime in.

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@Dan is correct that the access to the Natural Reserve is restricted and that you must ask for authorization prior your trip. Below are the contact details. The entrance is free of charge.

Raggruppamento Carabinieri Biodiversità – Reparto Biodiversità di Caserta
Corso Trieste 8, Caserta
Mail PEC
Tel. +39 082 3354693.

The following documents have the days listed when it can be visited plus some more info in Italian:

This is the official site: (schedules for June, July, August and onward should be posted at this link).

The walk is very peaceful and in the summer months very refreshing as well. If you go there in July/August you will quickly understand why. It feels like a tropical forest. This is due to the very unique terrain configuration and conditions that created an unique ecosystem in an unusual location for such a place.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask more.

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Short update: It seems that since 1st of May there’s a 5 euro entrance ticket to the Natural Reserve that includes a guiding tour of about 30 minutes.