Where to buy SITA bus tickets from?

Hi guys,

I’ll be arriving in Sorrento and from there I want to reach Maiori where my accommodation is. I understand I will need to change buses in Amalfi, but I’m clueless on the type of tickets I need to purchase or from where I can do so? I wish they offered the possibility to purchase the tickets online. This is 2019. It would make everything so much simpler.

Please help. Thank you!

As you get out of the Sorrento train station, after you go down the stairs, there’s a kiosk from where you can also buy SITA bus tickets. You’ll need the AC4 (€ 2.90) for Sorrento-Amalfi and AC1 (€ 1.30) for Amalfi-Maiori. The bus station is another 20-30 meters distance from there.

The SITA bus company publishes here a list of all the places you can purchase tickets from:
https://www.sitasudtrasporti.it/agenzie (select ‘Campania’ if prompted to choose a region). You can also further filter out the list by entering the Comune (city/town).