Amalfi in Christmas

Hello and thanks for your support.
I am planing to visit Naples for a week next december - january. And I’d like to visit the Amalfi coast just for 1 day. After searching for info, and reading many travel blogs, this is my suggested itinerary :

  • Naples >> Sorrento (Circumvesubiana, 1h. 8min - 6€-10€)
  • Sorrento >> Positano (Bus COSTIERASITA – 10€ - 40’)
  • Positano >> Amalfi (Bus COSTIERASITA - 30’)
  • Amalfi >> Salerno (45’) (enjoy Lucci d’Artista)
  • Salerno >> Naples (Trenitalia - 40’) (5€-10€)

What is your opinion? Is it ok? Any changes you would make?


Hi Roberto,

Your itinerary sounds good. Try to get on the Circumvesuviana as early as possible and leave as late as possible from Salerno, thus maximizing the time spent on the coast.

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Thanks a lot! I will make sure I spend as much time in the area to enjoy it as much as possible.