Bus Amalfi coast

I will be in Sorrento on October 2023, from 15 to 19 and then in Minori October from 19 to 23. To get from Sorrento to Minori, which bus should i take (is it the Sita bus). Can i take it near the Sorrento train station.

From Minori, i have to take the train at Salerno for going at Roma Termini. Can i take the Sita bus from Minori to Salerno train Station, which Line.

From Sorrento to Minori, you need to take the SITA bus Sorrento-Amalfi and then in Amalfi take the Amalfi-Salerno and get off in Minori. The bus station in Sorrento is right outside the train station, basically in the square facing the train station.

From Minori to Salerno, you take the same bus that took you to Minori, the Amalfi-Salerno line.