Da amalfi per ravello come è meglio andarci?

Sarò a amalfi per il mese di luglio e vorrei visitare ravello come arrivarci il più presto?

Can anyone translate this or tell me what language it is?

Il più conveniente modo sarebbe prendere il bus che va da Amalfi a Ravello. Per il modo più presto, invece, meglio prendere il taxi.

The question was how to travel from Amalfi to Ravello in the fastest way. Obviously the taxi will be the speediest option (if the next bus is in 30 minutes, for example), while the bus will be the most economical solution.

Thank you very much. As it turned out the day I was there, for some odd reason traffic was backed up so badly that all transportation was at a standstill. Busses were taking 3 hours from Amalfi to Ravello and taxis didn’t even want to make the drive. It was a total disaster that day but nothing took away from the beauty and appreciation of the Amalfi Coast.