How does this itinerary sound?

we will be visiting the Amalfi coast in April this year and I am looking for advice on whether my day itineraries sound feasible…or am I trying to fit too much in? I am trying for us to see the most “important” sites/towns in the area and we will have some downtime in between as well. Have I chosen the most efficient form of transport for these activities?

day 1: Bus trip to Amalfi, explore Amalfi town, boat trip back to Amalfi
day 2: Bus into Sorrento, train & guided tour of Pompeii Ruins, train back to Sorrento, bus back to Positano
day 3: Boat trip into Sorrento, train to Naples, explore Naples, train to Sorrento, bus to Positano

Would love to hear your advice. Thank you

Hi @Kerri! Your itinerary is feasible. The Pompeii & Naples day trips will be full, so try to get an early start. Amalfi is more of an half-day trip. You could squeeze in a quick bus trip up to Ravello for the 2nd half of the day.

Thanks Dan, appreciate your reply.
Have I used the best transport options for those days trips?
Anything else that I should be trying to see?

I like the fact that you opted for the ferry route for some legs of the trips. The 3 days are well packed. I wouldn’t try to cram too much, just enjoy the days. April should have some good weather and spring is a wonderful season in Italy.