Nocelle to Sorrento hike

I am planning to hike from Bomerano to Nocelle in may, how is hiking all the way to Sorrento, Are there good scenic trails and places to stay or eat on the way. Thanks


Bomerano to Nocelle is what is famously known as Sentiero degli Dei (“Path of the gods”). It’s the definition of scenic in my opinion: blue sea, mountains rising from the sea, Amalfi Coast at your feet, Capri in sight .etc

You can stop in Nocello for a lunch and then continue on your way. Do you plan to do it all in one day?

Also, by “all the way to Sorrento”, do you plan to take the shortcut and go straight towards Sorrento, or hike along the Penisola Sorrentina (Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, Punta Campanella, Massa Lubrense), basically doing a whole tour of the Sorrento peninsula? Punta Campanella is the closest point to Capri from the mainland.

Hello Dan,
I have not found much information about the trail passed Nocelle , are there well maintained and marked trails going to Sorrento, any places/towns to stay on the way, I like to do it in more than one day, no rush. And is it worth while I mean scenic etc.
Thanks for the help.

I haven’t done it past Nocelle either, but I’ve pinged a friend, so expect a response later this weekend. Sentiero Degli Dei stops in Nocelle, so this is the end point for the “majority of the minority” of Amalfi Coast tourists that are hiking it.

Regarding if it’s worthwhile, there are basically 3 ways to experience the Amalfi Coast:

  • from the road (the way experienced by the majority)
  • from the sea (approaching it from the sea or cruising along it)
  • from high above from the Path of the Gods

The first 2 options are usually done by default, without much thinking or planning since these are the modes of transport. But the Path of the Gods is special and in my opinion much more spectacular for several reasons: there’s more time to take it all in and enjoy it, you’ll be walking, away from the masses of tourists and you’ll be among the select few who have done it. Just look at this video:

ps: I’ve made here a selection of videos…just scroll through the page and you’ll find them