Ravello Festival 2019?

Anyone know when the schedule/program of Ravello Festival 2019 will be released?

The Festival’s site, http://www.ravellofestival.com/, still has the 2018 logo of the 66^ edition, so it doesn’t look to have been updated since the last year’s festival.

As far as I know the schedule is released sometime in the Spring and usually the events start from July onwards.


will the tickets be available for online purchase as well?

That is correct. To be more exact, last year’s schedule was announced on 30th of April.

Yes, tickets will be put for sale online as well. Last year they were put on sale on the 1st of June at the official site and a ticketing partner’s site.

Once the schedule will be out we will also add them to the upcoming events section.

The start and end dates for the 67th edition of Ravello Festival are 30th June - 31st August 2019.

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While we are waiting for Ravello Festival 2019, here’s the 2018 edition’s highlights:

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Part of the Ravello Festival 2019 program was just released and published.

This is part of a new project, called “La meglio gioventù”, that looks at the future by offering the chance to perform in Ravello to young artists from Campania and other cities and at the same time extends the program of the Ravello Festival outside of its core months of July and August, starting from April up until October.

July/August events program will be published as soon as they will be publicly released.

Full article in Italian can be read here: http://www.ravellofestival.com/ravello-2019-dal-17-aprile-al-12-ottobre-suona-la-meglio-gioventu/

Just as we anticipated, final Ravello Festival 2019 program has been released.