Sita Bus stop in Naples

Hello. We will be training to Naples and switching to SITA bus for travel to the Amalfi Coast. I am having trouble locating the SITA bus stop at the Naples Centrale train station for my transfer. Can someone provide some guidance please? How much time should I allow for the transfer? Thank you!

Why not continue training to either Salerno or with the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento and from there take the SITA bus to the Amalfi Coast?

The thing is that the Napoli-Agerola-Amalfi SITA bus (5080) is rather infrequent and takes you only as far as Agerola and from there you need to change buses to reach Amalfi:

Anyway, to answer your question, the SITA Bus stop in Napoli Stazione Centrale is located near the Ramada hotel, which is a few minutes away from the station’s exit.

The trip time is some 2 hours long until Amalfi.

That’s why I’m saying to check the other alternatives suggested at the beginning, which are far more frequent and well suited to tourists.

Thank you for the annotated map, Dan. It is exactly what I needed. As for the alternative routes, our final destination is actually Agerola/Bomerano. Grazie!!

Then this is the shortest/quickest way to reach Bomerano/Agerola from Napoli :ok_hand:. You’re welcome.

Getting to Amalfi would have required 1 extra bus. From there, another bus to reach anything else (Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Vietri Sul Mare .etc). Putting this here for future visitors.