Sorrento to Ravello

All group, including small group, tours from Sorrento to Ravello spend at a max 2 hours in Ravello. I want more time there. Is it a very difficult trip to do on my own by taking the Ferry from Sorrento to Amalfi and then the bus or taxi to Ravello and reversing to get back to Sorrento----in one day?

It’s not a difficult trip per se, at most you could say it’s a bit time consuming to go and return in the same day. But even the time spent getting there, via ferry or bus, it will be while admiring breathtaking scenery. And it will get you more than the 2 hours an organized tour gives you.

Dan, I thank you so, so much. I love the way you expressed the trip from Sorrento to Amalfi (breathtaking scenery). I am truly looking forward to my time there. I am hoping to take the first ferry out of Sorrento so I can have as much time as possible in Ravello. I wish I could spend at least one night in Ravello but that means dragging my luggage around and that gets a bit cumbersome.

Have a wonderful day and again my thanks for your response.