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We are going to get from Sorrento to a B&B in Ravello this Saturday (end of March). According to what I read, we will need to switch in Amalfi. We will probably leave Sorrento late, to maximize the day there (unless that’s a bad idea).

  1. How easy is it to switch the SITA buses in Amalfi especially after dark? Is it the same station, or some walking required?
  2. Also, how well are the buses coordinated? Shall we take a safety margin on the schedule, so we won’t miss the bus from Amalfi to Ravello?
  3. Worst case - what is the approx. price for a taxi from Amalfi to Ravello?

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Hi Simon,

  1. You will get off the bus in Amalfi in the same station/piazza from where you will take the bus to Ravello.

  2. The last 3 buses that leave from Amalfi to Ravello are at 18:50, 20:00, 21:45 (1)

The last 3 buses from Sorrento to Amalfi are at (departure from Sorrento/arrival in Amalfi): 17:00/18:40, 18:10/19:40, 19:00/20:40 (2)

Even with the last bus departing Sorrento towards Amalfi you will still have a connection to Ravello. Although taking the one earlier might be a better idea.

March is still light in regards to road traffic, so even a 10 minutes margin should still be quite enough to get off and board the bus to Ravello if you purchased the tickets in advance in Sorrento.

  1. Taxis are expensive on the Amalfi Coast. More expensive than booking private transfers in advance.

30-50 euro for Amalfi-Ravello. There aren’t standard rates. You could try and bargain if you are offered a higher quote.

(1) Amalfi - Ravello SITA timetable
(2) Sorrento - Amalfi SITA timetable

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