Visit to Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone

My fiance and I are planning on staying at Ravello Art Hotel Marmorata. I wanted to know if it would be an easy walk to Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. My fiance and I are determined to go. I have heard the terrain of Ravello can be rough, so I want to double check that we could walk there.

Define easy :grin:. I’ve created this itinerary:

  • you go towards Minori (since the hotel is rather close to Minori)
  • from Minori you take an ancient path towards Ravello (ancient as in these paths were used by the locals long before the coast road was built)
  • you visit the villas (I’ve put 90 minutes for each, but this can easily increase to 120 min or even more)
  • return to the hotel on a different path, through Castiglione

All in all there are ~6.5km (4 miles) with an estimated of 2 hours walking time and 3 more hours for the villas. The 2 hours walking time is extremely optimistic (I don’t think it takes into equation the elevation gain/loss of the walks). Add some lunch time between the villas and it’s a full day trip. The terrain isn’t flat, there are also lots of steps involved. On the way to Ravello you’ll be slowly climbing. On the way back, you’ll be going downhill.

As long as you start in the morning, you’ll get back at the hotel in time for dinner with a proper appetite :innocent:. And with a story to tell.


  • - for the hiking trips
  • watch some Ravello-Minori, Minori-Ravello walk trips on Youtube (1, 2, 3)
  • watch some Ravello-Atrani, Atrani-Ravello walk trips on Youtube for the way back (1, 2)
  • check the Google maps with the “terrain” version as well.