Wedding Venues on Amalfi Coast - Sea view

Hi -

New to the forum, just wanting to see if there were any suggestions to elegant wedding venues for the Amalfi region, preferably over looking the sea. We have around 120 guests and I am finding it hard to find somewhere to accommodate all guests/ close enough to an airport as people may be flying from Ireland, UK, Dubai.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Hi there.

The closest international airport would be Napoli Capodichino (NAP). If that won’t do in all cases, Rome is some ~2 hours away from Naples, and as the word says, all the roads in the world lead to Rome :slight_smile: .

The hotels on the Amalfi Coast are rather small, boutique-like, so accommodating all guests in the same structure will be a challenge. Perhaps it’s worth looking at a few options within the same town. The towns are small enough that all accommodations will be close by each other. Are you set on a specific town of the Amalfi Coast?